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Why We Need Leaders —Not Managers

During these challenging times battling the coronavirus, we need strong leaders in government and the private sector.  However, I find people in leadership positions often confuse leading with managing.  There is a dramatic difference between the two.  As a young architect, I worked on a project team led by a Project Manager.  I thought, “That’s […]

4 Key Strategies for Leading During Crisis

I am not an epidemiologist —or even a doctor.  I’m an architect.  But it occurs to me that I have learned some things about leading during crisis that can help other executives during this unprecedented battle with the novel coronavirus.  When I became CEO of HOK, one of the largest architecture and engineering firms in […]

5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Architecture or Creative Services Firm

HOK is one of the largest architecture and engineering firms in the world, but the vision for it came from humble beginnings.  The “H” in HOK stands for “Hellmuth,” as in George Hellmuth, HOK’s legendary founding marketer.  Hellmuth’s father was also named George Hellmuth and was also an architect. He and his brother, Harry Hellmuth, […]